Commercial Air Duct | Dryer Vents | Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

At American Duct Cleaners, Inc. we understand that cleaning and maintaining your commercial duct work and ventilation systems are vital towards creating and maintaining a safe work environment.  We are in the business of helping you to keep both your employees, and your customers safe with our commercial level of cleaning services for air ducts, dryer vents, and kitchen exhaust equipment.

We are a trusted industry leader, and we provide professional indoor environmental solutions for both your home and your business, company, and/or industry environment.  We utilize the best equipment available for doing the work that we do, and we always impart the highest levels of training to our technicians, and we maintain the highest level of quality standards in the industry.  We strive to always deliver and maintain a 100% customer satisfaction policy.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

You may not have been aware that germ-carrying dust spores, mold particles, and microorganisms hide themselves within your air ducts.  Do not try to clean your air ducts yourself.  Let a professional clean your air, kitchen, and even dryer ducts for you.  In that people can spend sometimes as much as 90% of their days indoors, air quality is a major concern.  Many allergy triggers are present within air ducts, and these can sometimes produce health hazards.  As a point of fact, indoor air can be up to 70% more polluted than outdoor air.  That is why scheduling routine commercial air duct cleaning for your business, company or industry location is crucial!

A professional commercial duct cleaning from the experts at American Duct Cleaners will provide you with:

  • Better overall employee/customer health
  • Improved work productivity
  • Greater relief from symptoms related to poor air quality (allergies, coughing, and sneezing)
  • Reduced health costs and losses from sick leave
  • Overall increased efficiency in your cooling and heating (HVAC) systems

Commercial Dryer Vent Cleaning

Commercial dryer vents actually carry lint from both cotton and nylon clothing throughout your building’s ventilation system, and ultimately into the air that is being breathed.  When your ventilation systems and vents become damaged and/or dirty, they create resistance and increased pressure on the dryer’s internal blower.  This can then result in rising temperatures in the dryer system – rising temperatures that can ignite the flammable lint!

A professional commercial dryer vent cleaning will:

  • Reduce excessive dust, dirt and humidity
  • Help to prevent a fire by eliminating ventilation build-up
  • Help to increase your dryer’s overall efficiency while using less energy (and saving you money!)

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

The large majority of restaurant fires originate from kitchen appliances, and these sometimes flare up and into the kitchen exhaust system.  Regular maintenance of a restaurant’s kitchen exhaust system is one of the most important defenses against fire hazards.  By keeping these systems cleaned, regularly maintained, and working at their best, they evacuate the smoke and grease out of the building at a much better rate, and help to produce a cleaner, cooler kitchen, and better overall working environment for your employees.

We recommend annual maintenance agreements (with quarterly cleanings.)  Talk to us TODAY about your regular commercial needs to keep your air ducts, kitchen and even commercial dryer vents cleaned and working at their top level of efficiency.

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